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De-Stressed Not Distressed

We have all heard that there are two kinds of stress – good stress and bad stress. But I wonder how many of us actually take the time to examine the stress in our lives. Think about all the stress in your life, have you ever considered what stressors may be good for you and which ones may be bad?

Maybe this will help you understand where I’m coming from a little better. We now live in a world where there are “essential services” and non-essential services. Yeah, I know it sounds a little suspect. I mean, who gets to decide what is essential and what is not? It is a slippery slope. Think about it, people lived without electricity for centuries – so is it really essential? Relax, I know people just can’t possibly live without their A/C, Netflix, or Social Media (which would not be possible without electricity). Well, when it comes to the stressors in your life – you get to decide which ones are essential and which ones are not. Yes, you get to decide. The problem is, we just don’t make the list to figure out what we can and cannot live without. We just keep living with all the stress – good and bad.

It is no wonder we have a hard time getting rid of bad stress in our lives. I’m going to do something risky just for fun here, I’m going to stereotype. Somewhere out there is a husband/dad who has a wife just nagging away at him about cleaning out the garage. But husband/dad whom we’ll call Larry, just can’t seem to throw out all of his stuff that has accumulated over the years. I mean he has tools and trinkets, gizmos and gadgets, and all kinds of other things. You know, useful things like Rubbermaid containers full of baseball cards. Of course, you have to be over 40 to understand that last reference. Now let’s flip the script, Larry has been wanting to at least be able to walk into the walk-in closet for years but, his wife Lisa, just can’t bring herself to saying goodbye to certain shoes, clothes, handbags, and who knows what all else. She has enough stuff in there she could easily open her own department store.

By now you can see where I’m going with this. It is good practice to clean out the garage every once in a while, and the same is true for the closet. It’s an even better practice to clear out the clutter of stressors that are just piling up in our lives needlessly. Yes, there are things you can let go. You just need to make the decision. Maybe it begins with just one thing, no matter how small it is. Make the decision!

A de-stressed life can be your reward for letting go of some relationships, addictions, habits, and even a career path. You may even need help to accomplish this but hey, who doesn’t need help? Remember, Batman had Robin, Tarzan had Jane – oh wait, Jane was usually getting into some kind of trouble and in need of rescue. But you get the point!

Lastly, it is important to understand that a de-stressed life doesn’t mean you won’t have any bad stress. But it will keep you from becoming completely distressed and freaking out about anything and everything. Think of it like insulation in a house. Insulation helps to keep the hot air outside and the cool air inside or vice-versa depending on the season. When you make the decision to de-stress and get rid of the junk, you are insulating your heart, emotions, and soul from all that is toxic. So, stop reading now and start writing. Write the list, work on the list.

Live Your Legacy

Jeff Duncan

President / Founder

Lorielife Legacy

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