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Lorielife Legacy exists to positively impact the lives of people facing cancer, through direct patient assistance and determined patient advocacy, empowering them to live their legacy.
What Lorielife Legacy Is All About

At Lorielife Legacy, we know first hand the difficulty of a cancer diagnosis. Lorie was an active and healthy thirty eight year old woman who was a wonderful wife and mother of two beautiful children when she was blindsided by a cancer diagnosis. 


Although Lorie never smoked, had no family history, and no known environmental factors, it was confirmed that she had stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer. For Lorie, she was given an estimate of five months to live, as there were no traditional FDA approved medications for her specific condition. However, with great faith and determination, she searched for options and found the treatment she needed. Because of this, Lorie was able to live a relatively healthy life for nearly three more years. Lorie awaits us in Heaven, while we live on here to walk with others on this journey.


Creating a nonprofit to help other people facing this dreadful disease called cancer was something we wanted to do nearly from the onset of her diagnosis. We quickly became aware of the emotional toll, the financial burden, and the physical pain and suffering involved with this disease. At Lorielife Legacy, we offer services to help with all of this and more. Everything from offering financial assistance for treatments or other bills, to emotional and spiritual support. We can even offer an advocate to meet you at your oncology office to be with you for your appointment with your oncologist. No one should have to face an initial oncology visit alone. We can give the emotional help you need, then and there, as well as providing you with the essential questions you need to ask your doctor. We can even provide a summary of your visit with your doctor, because it is difficult for patients to keep track of everything when you are in such a stressful environment. We can also help you search for clinical trials that may be an option for you. Beyond providing financial support, assisting you at your doctor visit, searching for clinical trial options for you, we also offer cancer coaching from a certified cancer coach. Cancer coaching is a growing field that offers an ongoing holistic strategy of health and wellness during your treatment and after. In some cases, we may be able to provide you with one free session with a cancer coach.


Why do we do all of this? We do this on behalf of our namesake, Lorie Duncan, to honor her and to help others.

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