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I’m glad you stopped by. I am committed to you, the person diagnosed with cancer, or the caregiver of a loved one who has been diagnosed. Perhaps you are a person with a family history of cancer and you want to take steps in the direction of prevention, we are here for you too.

I’ve felt the pain, and I know the difficulty of the diagnosis. It’s why I created Lorielife Legacy. It doesn’t matter if it is helping with the financial burden of cancer, or providing a cancer advocate who will give you the emotional and spiritual support you need - even attending your oncology appointment with you – helping you make sense of it all. I have a passion for people and want to be in your corner.

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I’ve seen too many suffer at the hands of this disease over the last twenty years as a pastor, as well as those within my own family. It’s why I hit the books and became a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach. I began researching, talking and gaining insight from doctors around the world, and learning from my own experiences. I have a heart for people, and as long as it beats Lorielife Legacy Cancer Foundation will do everything in our power to support cancer patients and their families.

Live Your Legacy,

Jeff Duncan

President / Founder

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How Has Lorielife Legacy Affected Others?
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I was honored when Jeff asked me to have a part in Lorielife Legacy.  As Jeff’s and Lorie’s minister and friend, I witnessed their journey with cancer from a front row seat.  Lorie, anchored in her faith in God, remained calm and steady.  Jeff, a man of faith, embarked upon a mission to do everything in his power to rescue his wife from the grips of cancer.  Lorie’s battle with cancer lasted almost three years.  During that time Jeff became a student of cancer and cancer treatments. He was an aggressive advocate for Lorie. 


Today, Jeff is giving his attention to others who are battling cancer. Some of these patients do not have anyone to give voice to their fears, their concerns or their questions.  Jeff established Lorielife Legacy to provide a means by which he could pay tribute to Lorie and come alongside patients and their families to give comfort and counsel.  Today, Jeff is a certified Cancer Coach.  Experience and training have equipped Jeff to help others.


The Lorielife Legacy official mission statement clearly expressed its purpose:  Lorielife Legacy exists to positively impact the lives of people facing cancer, through direct patient assistance and determined patient advocacy, empowering them to live their legacy.


Dr. Roger D. Willmore,

Chairman of the Board Lorielife Legacy

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